Arbella Early Edition show meeting: Thursday, May 1

Arbella Early Edition show meeting: Thursday, May 1
May 1, 2014, 2:15 pm
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Each day, the Comcast SportsNet staff gathers in the early afternoon to discuss that evening's Arbella Early Edition show. And each afternoon, Gary Tanguay will post the minutes of that meeting, giving you an idea of what to expect on that night's show, which begins at 6:30 p.m.

DATE: Thursday, May 1, 2014
SITE: CSNNE Conference Room
TOPIC: Arbella Early Edition Content
ATTENDING: Bill “it’s been a good week for controversy Walsh; Kevin “wow, Pierce and KG rode the bench last night” Miller; John “everyone wants to kill Tanguay HA HA” Zannis, and Trenni “that’s the girl who almost pooped her pants at the marathon!” Kusneierek. And featuring . . . Gary Tanguay.

1. If you see the Grim Reaper on our Early Edition set, Bill Walsh and John Zannis got their wish. No, they don’t want me dead . . . I think. They and the rest of us in the meeting were trying to come up with a humorous way to display all the Tweets from angry viewers who tweet, “just go die, Tanguay.” I know they don’t really mean it . . . do they? It’s all in good fun . . . isn’t it? Stay tuned for the scoreboard that keeps track of all the social messages that demand my demise.

2. The above topic actually rose out of outrage from viewers last night with my comment that Zdeno Chara is to the Bruins what Tom Brady is to the Patriots. Neither team will be elite when those players are gone. People who disagree were not listening and looking at the big picture. When Chara is gone the Bruins will still be a playoff team, but they will not be elite or a true championship contender. Same with the Patriots. Fans are underestimating Chara. He is a once-in-a-generation defenseman, as is Brady at the quarterback position.

3. In the 'A' block, Trenni and I will deliver our hot take and then go live to hockey Hall of Famer Kevin Paul Dupont at the Garden to preview the Bruins and Canadians. I could listen to KPD talk about hockey all day long. He is simply the best hockey journalist in the world.

4. Trenni and I will talk about the aftermoon Sox game in the 'B' block and then bring in Felger and Ryan Whitney -- NHL veteran and former BU Terrier who is filling in for Tony Amonte -- to get their take on tonight’s game.

5. Walsh wants to do a controversy segment in our 'C' block. I will continue to defend my opinion on the Chara-Brady take. Other topics could be:Will the Oklahoma City fans and media drive Kevin Durant out of town? Once again, too much whining in baseball as the Rays did not want to play two.

Then we will share this tweet on Trenni . . . 

@trenni saw you on tv and said to my wife "that's the woman i told you about, who almost pooped her pants in the boston marathon" #blessed

She laughed out loud at this. That is why we love TK.

This is the show on paper, but at 6:30 we go live. You never know what can happen, so tune in to Arbella’s Early Edition.