Arbella Early Edition show meeting: Friday, April 18

Arbella Early Edition show meeting: Friday, April 18
April 18, 2014, 2:30 pm
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Each day, the Comcast SportsNet staff gathers in the early afternoon to discuss that evening's Arbella Early Edition show. And each afternoon, Gary Tanguay will post the minutes of that meeting, giving you an idea of what to expect on that night's show, which begins at 6:30 p.m.

DATE: Friday, April 18, 2014
SITE: CSNNE Conference Room
TOPIC: Arbella Early Edition Content
ATTENDING: Nate Long – A man that gets things done. John Zannis – Alexander Haig for the day with Kevin Miller out. Pat Dunne – CSNNE.COM super sub. Kirk Minehane – In person. Wow.

Today was a little crazy at the Tanguay household. No school/the first day of April vacation so my routine was thrown off a bit. I am not used to playing zone with a 12, 8 and 3-year-old during the week. So...I was a bit late.

Nate is not one to wait. So, the meeting and the show was pretty much complete when I arrived at 12:45. I kind a liked it. But, of course I had a problem with the A block. There is nothing worse than a guy showing up to a meeting late and then saying what has been decided up is wrong. I was that guy. I could feel visual darts being fired at my skull from all points around the table.

I averted death with a duck here and sway there. I decided to soften the blow with a compromise. It had been decided that we would lead with Bob Beers and a Bruins-Wings preview. That’s fine but I think people expect hot takes to start our show and especially with Kirk on. So, Kirk and I will give our opinion on the Bruins for ninety seconds and then bring in Bob from the TD Garden. If we start the show with a “Well, Bob they finally drop the puck tonight...” We will be just like any other show. Instead, Kirk and I will make complete idiots of ourselves before we talk to the expert.

The B block will be a Red Sox block. Please remember I was on the Lester bandwagon before the season. The Sox are going to regret insulting him with that 4-year $70 million offer. I think Ben Cherington has done a great job so far as GM but I disagree with him on this. To me Lester is entering a new age as a pitcher. The guy is locked in like never before. When he leaves, the Sox will regret it. This should be a feisty topic because Kirk agrees with the Sox.

Minehane wrote an article on WEEI.COM about Dustin Pedroia’s numbers slipping. Have we seen the best of Pedey? We will discuss.

The C block Kirk and I will break down the catching tandem of the Sox. The numbers tell the story. One of these guys makes the Boston pitching staff much better. Find out which one at 6:30.

That is our show on paper. Find out what happens live on CSN with Arbella’s Early Edition.