Anthony suspended 1 game for confronting Garnett

Anthony suspended 1 game for confronting Garnett
January 10, 2013, 1:13 am
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BOSTON Doc Rivers understands all too well that the NBA had to dole out some kind of punishment to Carmelo Anthony for the incident involving him and Kevin Garnett in New York City. 
But the league's decision to suspend him for one game isn't one Rivers necessarily agreed with. 
"I don't believe a guy should ever get suspended," said Rivers who added that he wasn't surprised by the announcement. "I just ... we get in trouble for sitting players and then we suspend players. It's the same thing. If you're a fan, you're not happy with that."
Rivers believes the best way to punish NBA players is to hit them in their wallet.
But he understands how difficult it must have been for the NBA to figure out the right punishment for Anthony's actions.
"I just think, let them play and take money away from them," Rivers said. "But you have to do something obviously. You don't want that type of situation."
After Boston's win at New York on Monday, Anthony tried to get to the Celtics locker room to see Garnett, but was prevented from doing so by security and his teammates. He later waited for Garnett near the C's bus, which led to a shouting match between the two as various security officials and Knicks coach Mike Woodson tried to prevent the situation from escalating.
"There are no circumstances in which it is acceptable for a player to confront an opponent after a game," Stu Jackson, the NBA's Executive Vice President for Basketball Operations, said in a statement. "Carmelo Anthony attempted to engage with Kevin Garnett multiple times after Monday's game and therefore a suspension was warranted."