Alexander Ovechkin has body issues


Alexander Ovechkin has body issues

By Jon Fucile

In general, hockey players are like machines. One has to train hard to take the type of beating a hockey player takes night in and night out over the course of a season. Occasionally, once the summer hits you may start to eat a bit more than usual and exercise less which can lead to extra roundness.

Such is the case with Washington Crapitals captain Alex Ovechkin. Ovechkin returned to America looking a little plumper than usual and the internet was on fire with speculation and fat jokes.

Here is what he actually looked like:

But here is what people acted like he looked like:

Sure, he had a bit of a beer gut, but nothing to be too concerned about. He was probably just over celebrating yet another second round exit for the Capitals. However, a summer full of criticism has led to a few problems for Ovechkin and now he is dealing with body issues.

In an exclusive interview with Wicked Good Sports magazine, Washingtons favorite winger opened about his struggle with his weight.

You see all these hockey players on the cover of ESPN and Sports Illustrated and they look so skinny and in shape, said the Capitals star. It just hurts because not everyone can look like that and people like me who carry a little extra weight are ostracized.

As the comments ate away at him inside he began trying to eat away the pain, going on long eating binges and eating everything in sight.

I just couldnt stop. My only friends were Ben and Jerry, the Russian superstar said. Every time someone said something hurtful about my figure I ran to them for comfort. The Keebler Elves helped too.

Ovechkin finally reached his low point one day at the beach. In an effort to get away from all the Tweets, emails and phone calls about his expanding waist line, Ovechkin decided to spend a day sitting at the beach, listening to the sound of the waves and just relaxing but his day was anything but.

My relaxing day quickly turned into a nightmare, Ovechkin told us. All the pretty people were pointing and laughing at me because I was fat. I couldnt take it. I tried to get up and leaveand my chair came with me.

It was at that point that he had finally had enough and decided to do something.

I tried out for the new season of The Biggest Loser, he said. Originally I thought it was for people on really overrated teams that flame out in the playoffs getting together to work out but it turned out to be so much more.

Ovechkin was put through the ringer by a pair of frustrated sisters who quickly whipped him into shape.

They had a lot of free time this summer since they had no celebrating to do and they were in really, really good shape from running away from the Bruins so much, Ovechkin said. They worked me really hard.

Ovechkin eventually won the title of biggest loser en route to losing an astounding 253 pounds and he is now physically, but more importantly mentally, ready for the new season.

I think throughout this whole ordeal Ive learned a lot, Ovechkin told us. Most importantly though Ive learned to just be happy with me and Ive learned that my body is okay just the way it is. Even without any Cups.

Dont worry buddy. Youre beautiful. Youre beautifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul.

But not really.

Curran: Can we swear off the stupid questions?

Curran: Can we swear off the stupid questions?

FOXBORO  -- To think there’d be no further questions about the Tom Brady-Jimmy Garoppolo dynamic when Brady’s four-game suspension ends would be moronic.

Bill Belichick won’t like them. He’s destined to give them the verbal Heisman. But there are aspects to the story which demand further interrogation.

So there’s those questions. And then there’s baiting for the sake of baiting, which is what happened Friday morning.

A reporter asked Belichick, “You said Tom will start when he’s eligible. Can you think of an occasion when you named a Week 5 starter in July?”

“Yeah, I don’t know,” Belichick said.

“What happens if Jimmy plays better?”

“Look, I told you what’s gonna happen,” Belichick answered.

Pressing on, the reporter began, “So there’s no, there’s, there’s . . . ”

At that point, with Belichick reacting like he’d come open a month-old-corpse and muttering, “Jesus Christ," the reporter cut himself off.

I’ve been trying to steer clear of the media ombudsman business. But this stuff makes it hard. The first question was obtuse in the extreme. I don’t even know how that gets formulated.
This is not a Brady-Bledsoe scenario.

You have the best quarterback of his generation who – 17 months ago – took down what was supposed to be one of the great defenses in NFL history in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. A guy who got smashed all over the field in Denver at the age of 38 and still almost pulled out a win last January.

When that guy’s cleared to play, you sprint him onto the field regardless of the circumstances.

“If Jimmy plays better . . . ”? Better than what? Better than 11 touchdowns, no picks, 116-for-160 and 1,547 yards, which is what Brady did in the first four games last season? Better than Brady played in Denver while getting his head caved in every other play?

I understand that sometimes you have to ask the dumb question to get something on the record, but this was not that. This seemed like someone who really thought he was onto something. Was going to paint Belichick into an uncomfortable corner and hang him with his own words.

Sorry, counselor.

Now, you and I can sit on the front stoop and wonder what happens if Garoppolo plays ridiculously well then Brady comes back and spends four weeks playing like he’s never been on a field before and is clearly an impediment to the team’s success.

Won’t happen. But we can talk about it.

Asking Belichick if he’s gonna go with the hot hand when two days prior he told you what he was going to do is asking for a JC response.

Belichick probably figured that stating Brady was the Week 5 starter before he was asked was the best way to defuse idle speculation. “We’ll see . . . ” or “We always do what’s best for the football team . . . ” would have ignited a thousand hours of conversation about the budding quarterback controversy in New England.

Belichick now knows that the speculation and scenario spinning is coming anyway. JC may hear his name muttered a few more times from the podium between now and October.