6 Reasons why Rodgers is better than Roethlisberger


6 Reasons why Rodgers is better than Roethlisberger

By Mary Paoletti

You think you know, but you don't know.

1. Roethlisberger's go-to touchdown celebration: the spike.


This is the least original end zone option picked by a quarterback in the history of end zone options. And you can get an 8x10 glossy of it on Amazon.com for two dollars and 47 cents -- a sale price -- down from 7.

Aaron Rodgers, however, would like to show you his Championship Belt.


2. Rodgers is sneaky. I hold a great deal of respect for sneaky people (as long as they aren't desirous of hurting me). Roethlisberger... lacks subtlety.

3. Being the quarterback of an NFL franchise -- and, thus, a celebrity of sorts -- must be tremendously stressful. It's a natural and healthy thing for a guy to want to blow off steam through a hobby. Rodgers plays guitar as an outlet. Good thinking!

Roethlisberger likes dangerous diversions that the NFL has to discipline him for. Like riding motorcycles. (And he's not even good at doing it.)

4. People are calling Roethlisberger's Super Bowl run 'a story of redemption'. Rodgers is automatically better because he battled his way to Dallas without doing stupid stuff. Like crashing a motorcycle.

5. Rodgers has said that, in tough times (like having to see Favre naked in the locker room with no option of filing a lawsuit), "I reached out to a number of people... and was able to really get some good advice throughout. I just tried to stay true to my character." Nice sentiment, right?

Roethlisberger deals with difficulties in negative ways, such as getting wasted, which is not so nice. No wonder he crashes things.

6. Aaron Rodgers does amazing things for people. I'm not talking about signing jerseys and posing for photos with a couple of kids; the guy is earnestly involved in battling childhood cancers and blood disorders.

Roethlisberger has also done stuff for charity, but want to know the difference between his philanthropy and Aaron's? The stuff that Big Ben does when the news cameras aren't around and he's free to follow his natural whims isn't so charitable to his fellow man.

Or motorcycle.

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