2011: The year of the Bear

2011: The year of the Bear
December 29, 2011, 7:14 pm
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By Jon Fucile

As 2011 comes to a close we thought wed take a look back at some of the ups and downs (and other than sports that take place on ice, it was mostly downs) in the world of Boston sports.

Droughts were ended, the seemingly invincible coach and quarterback duo looked more vulnerable than ever, half the Celtics roster took one more step towards ending up in an old folks home and the Boston Red Sox drank their way to a disappointing season.

Luckily for Boston sports fans there was one team determined to keep hope alive and make 2011 one of the best sports years of all time for our fine city.

Join us as we take a magical ride down memory lane.

Playoffs?! Not during drinking season!

Beers for bears? Please. These Bruins drink the sweet taste of victory with a chaser of opponents tears!

One mascot rose to power and declared his supremacy over all others!

A coach who fancied himself a god made one bad choice too many in the playoffs while another didnt even know the definition of bad choices in the playoffs.

Hey Julien, is that paint on your hands?

An aging group of warriors couldnt handle a group of cocky upstarts

while a man who never ages killed the hopes and dreams of the cockiest team in his league.

One GM showed another that continued success takes hard work and a firm hand.

The Bruins quite literally SPANKED everyone that tried to defeat them.

While all other Boston teams faltered, the Bruins turned 2011 into the Year of the Bear!