10 things to do now that the Patriots are done


10 things to do now that the Patriots are done

By Justin Aucoin

We know.

The Pats loss to the Jets still stings. Weve been icing ourselves down its hurt so much. No luck though.

And only the tiniest bit of satisfaction came from seeing New York lose in the AFC Championship game. But a Jets loss meant a Pittsburgh win and rooting for Roethlisberger makes us want to vomit.

It was a loselose.

Anyway, it's taken a week of mourning, but weve compiled ten ideas for what Patriots fans can do to pass the time until the new season starts. Let us know how you plan on spending your newly found free time.

10. Drink yourself silly.

If it worked to get you through that bad breakup in college, it can work for this.

9. Take up a fine crafty hobby. Like scrapbooking.

Ah, memories.

8. Spend time with your neglected significant other.

Wait You mean you just noticed theyve packed up and moved out? Bummer.

7. Pretend like the game never happened.

Hey, it worked after the Patriots-Giants Super Bowl right?

What do you mean you dont remember that game?
6. Count down the days till pitchers and catchers report.

Baseballs just around the corner. And nothing can help fans forget the pain of the Jets loss like Big Papi trade rumors when he starts the season cold again.

Yea we dont know what this is either

5. Read a book.

Any book. Pick one. Doesnt have to be Wuthering Heights or The Count of Monte Cristo. Here. Well pick one for you.

4. Make fun of Buffalo.

Nothing makes you feel better than realizing there are places and people that have it worse than you like Buffalo.

3. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

2. Boycott the Super Bowl. Watch the Puppy Bowl instead.

Too cute Cant stop watching

1. Jump on the Bruins and Celtics bandwagon

Bruins are second in the East; Celtics are first in the East.

Theyll take your minds off the Pats for a bit.

PFT: Belichick can still diagram his dad’s Navy plays from 1959

PFT: Belichick can still diagram his dad’s Navy plays from 1959

CBS interviewed Patriots coach Bill Belichick and 1960 Heisman winner Joe Bellino from Navy as part of its Army-Navy Game coverage Saturday.

Belichick's father, Steve, was an assistant coach at Navy when Bellino played there, and little Bill, then 7, took it all in. So much so, that 57 years later, Belichick can still diagram the 27 F Trap play that his dad used to drew up in the 1959 season for Bellino.

More from NBC Sports' Pro Football Talk here.


Saturday, Dec. 10: Vegas, scoring on NHL governors' minds

Saturday, Dec. 10: Vegas, scoring on NHL governors' minds

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while doing some early Christmas shopping ahead of the late rush. 

*Mike Zeisberger sits down with a quartet of NHL governors and discusses a number of hot topics including the Vegas franchise and scoring around the league. 

*Carolina Hurricanes owner Peter Karmanos has been removed from the NHL Board of Governor’s Executive Committee amid rumors that the Canes might be a prime candidate for relocation. 

*Pierre McGuire weighs in on Connor McDavid’s war of words on the ice and Carey Price losing his mind in the crease against the New Jersey Devils. To that end, Wayne Gretzky liked seeing McDavid get a little combative at such a young age. 

*The New York Islanders signed Cal Clutterbuck to a five year contract extension, and some are skeptical it will turn out well for the Isles.

*David Pastrnak is a premier scoring threat in the league, and Scott Cullen has some details behind that. I will say this: his stock falling in the draft had less to do with his size or heaviness, and more to do with him being concussed for a long stretch of time during the year leading up to the draft. 

*The Florida Panthers are really struggling to stay positive with a 1-5-0 record since the ownership group and management decided to fire Gerard Gallant. 

*For something completely different: Baywatch stars then and now.