The art of negotiation: Raiders style


The art of negotiation: Raiders style

By Justin Aucoin

In honor of the passing of Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, the Raiders made a trade that has fans and pundits scratching their heads at best, and running for the hills after setting everything in Oakland ablaze at worst.

The Raiders traded a first round pick and future considerations for Carson Palmer. Thats right a first rounder for a guy who has about as many career interceptions as he does TD passes. He also hasnt seen any action this season since demanding a trade. Oof.

We did some investigating and caught a sneak peek at the Raiders negotiating handbook.

Tip: Give them an offer they cannot refuse

The Cincinnati Bengals said they wouldnt trade Carson Palmer under any circumstances. Clearly the Bengals didnt expect someone to give a first rounder or two for Carson, otherwise they wouldve said We wont trade Carlson Palmer for anyone or anything, except for an absolutely ridiculous offer. Oh hai, Oakland!

Tip: Sell and sell hard

As they always say, if at first they reject your offer sell harder. If you cant sell it, hire someone who can.

Tip: Know a steal when you see it

People are constantly trying to screw you over be it your bank, a ticket scalper, or your nephew who paints rocks with Crayola crayons and pretending that theyre gold. Having a keen eye and knowing when someone is trying to screw you and when someone is offering you an absolute steal is essential to the teams success.

Tip: When negotiating a deal, always double it

Are they asking for 500 for that finger painting done by a monkey? Double it. Tell them youll give them 1000. Youll catch them off guard and thats when you have them right where you want them.

Tip: Dont be afraid to take risks

To be fair, Oakland learned this trick from Wall Street. Theyve never screwed up, right?

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