The art of negotiation: Raiders style


The art of negotiation: Raiders style

By Justin Aucoin

In honor of the passing of Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis, the Raiders made a trade that has fans and pundits scratching their heads at best, and running for the hills after setting everything in Oakland ablaze at worst.

The Raiders traded a first round pick and future considerations for Carson Palmer. Thats right a first rounder for a guy who has about as many career interceptions as he does TD passes. He also hasnt seen any action this season since demanding a trade. Oof.

We did some investigating and caught a sneak peek at the Raiders negotiating handbook.

Tip: Give them an offer they cannot refuse

The Cincinnati Bengals said they wouldnt trade Carson Palmer under any circumstances. Clearly the Bengals didnt expect someone to give a first rounder or two for Carson, otherwise they wouldve said We wont trade Carlson Palmer for anyone or anything, except for an absolutely ridiculous offer. Oh hai, Oakland!

Tip: Sell and sell hard

As they always say, if at first they reject your offer sell harder. If you cant sell it, hire someone who can.

Tip: Know a steal when you see it

People are constantly trying to screw you over be it your bank, a ticket scalper, or your nephew who paints rocks with Crayola crayons and pretending that theyre gold. Having a keen eye and knowing when someone is trying to screw you and when someone is offering you an absolute steal is essential to the teams success.

Tip: When negotiating a deal, always double it

Are they asking for 500 for that finger painting done by a monkey? Double it. Tell them youll give them 1000. Youll catch them off guard and thats when you have them right where you want them.

Tip: Dont be afraid to take risks

To be fair, Oakland learned this trick from Wall Street. Theyve never screwed up, right?

Reports: Celtics engaged on Porzinigis trade talks but asking price is 'massive'

Reports: Celtics engaged on Porzinigis trade talks but asking price is 'massive'

In the hours leading up to the draft, the Knicks continue to talk to teams - including the Celtics - about a trade for Kristaps Porzingis but are seeking a "massive" return, according to multiple reports. 

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo's The Vertical reports that the Celtics are among several teams so far unwilling to meet the Knicks' price.

Knicks president Phil Jackson is said to covet Kansas forward Josh Jackson in the draft, who many have speculated the Celtics could take with the No. 3 pick. CSN Celtics Insider Sherrod Blakely, on the Toucher and Rich this morning, proposed a potential C's package of tonight's No. 3 pick, next year's Brooklyn pick, Jae Crowder and Jaylen Brown as a potential haul for Porzingis. 

Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe termed what New York is seeking as "massive" and Marc Stein of ESPN reports the Celtics "remain in pursuit."

Frank Isola of The New York Daily News says it's "the moon and two Brooklyn picks," i.e. the haul Blakely proposed - this year's No. 3 and the 2018 first-round pick from the Nets that the Celtics own from the Paul Pierce-Kevin Garnett deal, Brown and Crowder. Also, the Celtics taking on the remaining two years (at more than $18 million per) of Joakim Noah's contract from the Knicks could factor into the deal.

Patriots WR Malcolm Mitchell gets a new deal . . . with Scholastic Books


Patriots WR Malcolm Mitchell gets a new deal . . . with Scholastic Books

Second-year Patriots receiver Malcolm Mitchell already had a children's book published before he was drafted last year. Now he has a three-book deal with children's book publisher Scholastic. 

The three books will include a newly-illustrated edition of his self-published first crack at the children's book genre, "The Magician Hat," according to the Associated Press. That will come out in May of next year and be followed up by two more original works. 

Mitchell has been a children's literacy advocate since before joining the Patriots. That he joined a reading club -- made up mostly of women twice his age or more -- was quickly seized upon by multiple media outlets in the build-up to last year's draft as one of the feel-good stories in that year's class of prospects. 

Mitchell has founded a youth literacy initiative called Read With Malcolm, and he's the Patriots "Summer Reading Ambassador," encouraging young students to read as much as possible during the summer months. He hosted reading rallies across New England that began in Roxbury, Mass. back in March and finished up last week at The Hall at Patriot Place.