Are Sox too focused on trying to find the 'rat'?


Are Sox too focused on trying to find the 'rat'?'s Joe Haggerty says once again the Red Sox are too concerned with trying to find the clubhouse 'snitch' than fixing their problems.

Like earlier this season when Josh Beckett seemed focused on finding out who told on the pitchers about the chicken-and-beer fiasco last September, Red Sox players and owners alike seem obsessed with who leaked the information that was in the Yahoo! Sports report this week, Haggerty said.

While they concern themselves with that, they're not talking about "the rampant miscommunication that exists in every corner of this organization," Haggery said.

"Sox ownership is like Lt. Frank Drebin from 'Naked Gun' saying 'move along nothing to see here, please disperse' while the fireworks are going off behind him."

Manager Bobby Valentine is harkening back to the 1951 Giants when he talks about his team's chances of reaching the postseason.

Apparently the manager thinks this Red Sox team has the right stuff to match one of the great comeback teams of all time.

"I don't see it," said Haggerty.