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SNC Update: Celtics take 3-2 series lead; Sox lose 3-1
Highlights and reaction from the Celtics 108-97 win over the Bulls. Red Sox fall 3-1 to the Yankees. Bruce Cassidy named the Bruins Head Coach.
Blakey: Celtics doing what the #1 seed should do
A. Sherrod Blakely joins BST to discuss the Celtics win, the impact of Rajon Rondo's absense, and the Celtics playing great defense in Game 5.
Giardi: Makes more sense to have Garoppolo on the roster
After getting an interview with Jimmy Garoppolo, Mike Giardi talks about why it makes sense to keep Garoppolo on the roster and how he feels about remaining a backup on the Patriots.
Holley: This is exactly what Avery Bradley has to do
Our crew on Boston Sports Tonight discuss the Celtics getting the win in Game 5 as Avery Bradley and Al Horford stepped up against the Bulls.
Highlights: Celtics take 3-2 series lead over Bulls
Highlights from the TD Garden as the Celtics earn the victory against the Chicago Bulls in Game 5 to take a 3-2 series lead.
Curran: Richard Sherman wants to be a New England Patriot
Tom E. Curran discusses the most recent news regarding Richard Sherman and whether there is still a chance the Patriots could acquire him.
Which team will reach for quarterback at the draft?
Phil Perry and Kayce Smith answer rapid fire NFL draft questions including which team they think will reach for a quarterback.
Blakely: Why Rondo will ultimately not play in game 5
A. Sherrod Blakely thinks that Rajon Rondo will realize how difficult it will be to play with that thumb injury.
Perry: Who are some realistic options for Patriots at draft?
Phil Perry and Tom E. Curan break down some possible candidates for the Patriots at the draft.
Report says Rajon Rondo will try to play in game 5
Boston Sports Tonight crew reacts to report of Rajon Rondo trying to play in game 5.
Do Red Sox players view Dustin Pedroia as their leader?
Evan Drellich and Mike Giardi join Boston Sports Tonight to discuss Pedroia saying the team spoke and remains unified, and whether they view him as a leader.
Tag Team: Did Pedroia handle the situation correctly?
The Tag Team Championship is on the line as Tom Giles and Michael Holley compete against Tom Curran and Kayce Smith for the title in this debate about Dustin Pedroia.
Nose-tradamus makes his NFL draft prophecies
Tom E. Curran aka 'Nose-tradamus' returns to Boston Sports Tonight to give his new set of bold predictions for the sports future.
Will the Patriots target an edge rusher at the draft?
Phil Perry breaks down whether he thinks the Patriots will target an edge rusher, and which players in the draft will be a good fit.
Haggerty: Injuries biggest reason for Bruins losing series
Joe Haggerty breaks down what went wrong for the Bruins against the Senators and why he thinks injuries was the biggest reason to losing.
Amonte: Kuraly and McAvoy step up in double-OT win
Tony Amonte and DJ Bean break down the Bruins game winning goal by Sean Kuraly and the outstanding performance by Tuukka Rask in the overtime periods.
Blakely: Celtics get win without taxing their core players
A. Sherrod Blakely joins Boston Sports Tonight to talk about the Celtics getting a crucial win in Game 3 of the series and says they did it without taxing their core players.
Mannix: Gerald Green addition was not key to win
Chris Mannix thinks that Gerald Green starting over Amir Johnson was not the key to the Celtics beating the Bulls.
Keith Jones: Reasons for Bruins being down 3-1 to Senators
Keith Jones joins Boston Sports Tonight to break down the Bruins 3-1 deficit to the Senators, and what he has seen gone wrong so far in the series.
Holley: What is the Patriots overall draft philosophy?
Michael Holley and Tom E. Curran discuss Nick Caserio saying that the Patriots end u with 50-75 players that they would draft, and if their philosophy shows how confident they are in their roster.
Breer on Eli Manning denying role in memorabilia scandal
Albert Breer joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss Eli Manning denying his role in the memorabilia scandal.
Which NFL coaches should be worried about their jobs?
Albert Breer and Tom E. Curran give their opinion on which NFL coaches are on the hot seat heading into the 2017 season.
D.A. confirms Aaron Hernandez death as a suicide
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew discusses the news that the D.A. confirms that Aaron Hernandez death as a suicide.
Tom E. Curran is hyped for NFL schedule release
Tom E. Curran is absolutely hyped for the NFL schedule release, and breaks down his initial reactions for the Patriots.
Sheriff Hodgson on Hernandez’ relationship with his father
Sheriff Thomas Hodgson doesn't believe the conspiracy theories surrounding Aaron Hernandez's death, saying it's 'highly unlikely' foul play was involved.
Haggerty: Too much for the Bruins to overcome
Joe Haggerty believes the way the Bruins were shut down in their 1-0 Game 4 loss to Ottawa is an indication that a comeback from a 3-1 series deficit is unlikely.
'Senator' Phil Perry returns from White House visit
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew gives a warm welcome back to 'Senator' Phil Perry, and get his reaction from what the thought about the Patriots day at the White House.
Is Bruce Cassidy Bruins future coach even if they lose?
Tony Amonte and DJ Bean discuss whether they think Bruce Cassidy has earned the head coaching job if the Bruins do not win the first series.
DJ Bean: Bruins losing in first round would be a damn shame
DJ Bean thinks it'll be tough for the Bruins to come back from a 3-1 deficit, and why this is a frustrating year to bow out in the first round.
Amonte: Bruins struggle to create offense in game 4 loss
Tony Amonte and DJ Bean break down the Bruins 1-0 loss to the Senators in Game 4.
What's the next step for Patriots and Malcolm Butler?
Tom E. Curran breaks down what he sees is the next step for the Patriots and Malcolm Butler.
Has this series come down to Brad Stevens vs Rajon Rondo?
Brian Scalabrine and Kyle Draper discuss what we have learned in the first 2 games and whether the series has come down to Rajon Rondo vs Brad Stevens.
Highlights: Bulls 111 Celtics 97
Highlights from the Celtics 111-97 loss to the Bulls.
Riley Nash: OT Penalty 'pretty selfish of me'
Riley Nash takes the blame for his roughing penalty costing his team in the Bruins OT loss to Senators, and Joe Haggerty breaks down the Bruins loss.
Which player is key to Bruins turning series around?
Mike Felger, Tony Amonte and DJ Bean discuss which player is the key to the Bruins turning the series around.
Do Bruins lack the talent and depth needed to beat Senators?
DJ Bean and Tony Amonte break down the Bruins game 3 loss to the Senators and debate whether they have the fire power to get the wins they need.
Tony Amonte: Bruins had a bad change on final goal
Tony Amonte breaks down the Bruins 4-3 OT loss to the Ottawa Senators, and what he saw go wrong for the B's.
Highlights: Bruins lose in OT 4-3 to Senators
Highlights from the Bruins 4-3 OT loss to the Ottawa Senators.
Is Kelly Olynyk the x-factor in Celtics beating Bulls?
Chris Mannix told Boston Sports Tonight before game 1 that Kelly Olynyk would need to be a factor if the Celtics were to win the series, after game 1 in the books, does Mannix feel the same way?
Drellich: Ramirez seems enamored in being 'Ortiz part two'
Drellich: Ramirez seems enamored in being 'Ortiz part two'
Chris Mannix gives his top 5 Celtics-Bulls X Factors
Chris Mannix breaks down his top 5 X Factors (excluding Butler and Thomas) in the Celtics-Bulls series.
Urban Meyer: Belichick says he only wants players he likes
Tom E. Curran discusses the news that Urban Meyer has stated that Bill Belichick told him he only wants players he likes.
Chris Mannix: Bulls 'don't have a chance to win this series'
Chris Mannix breaks down why he thinks the Bulls poor shooting makes it tough for his to think the Celtics could lose first round matchup against the Bulls.
Carrabis on Price: 'definitely gonna make a start'
Jared Carrabis joins Boston Sports Tonight and explains why he expects David Price to make a start.
Was Jared Carrabis wrong for misinterpreting Lester’s tweet?
Jared Carrabis discusses his Twitter exchange with Jon Lester, and goes back and forth with Curran on why he was not the only person to misinterpret what Lester’s tweet meant.
Amonte: Look for Senators to test McAvoy in game 2
Tony Amonte joins Boston Sports Tonight to give his impressions from Charlie McAvoy in his NHL debut, and what he’s expecting from the Senators in game 2. j
Tom Giles tries word association with Bill Belichick
Tom Giles tries his hand at playing a game of word association with Bill Belichick.
Merloni: Eduardo Rodriguez still struggling with efficiency
Lou Merloni breaks down what he has seen so far this season from Eduardo Rodriguez.
DJ Bean: McAvoy proved he can make impact in NHL debut
DJ Bean joins Boston Sports Tonight to break down Charlie McAvoy's NHl debut in the Bruins win.
Blakely: Celtics #1 seed brings greater level of expectation
A. Sherrod Blakely joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss the Celtics finishing with the #1 seed, and how that will help their confidence going into the playoffs.
Highlights: Bruins beat the Senators 2-1
Highlights from the Bruins 2-1 win over the Senators, and Joe Haggerty breaks down the game 1 win.
Drellich: Drew Pomeranz shines in 1st start of season
Evan Drellich breaks down Drew Pomeranz impressive first start against the Orioles.
Boston Sports Tonight Debate: Who should be the NBA MVP?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debate who they think deserves to be the NBA MVP.
Chris Fedor on Cavaliers: ‘Chaos is their normal’ reporter Chris Fedor joins Boston Sports Tonight and discusses the ups and downs of the Cavaliers season and why he thinks they need hurdles to play their best.
Tony Amonte: Can Tuukka steal this series for Bruins?
Tony Amonte thinks that Tuukka Rask could ultimately steal the series for the Boston Bruins.
Amonte: McAvoy 'most ready college player' for NHL
Tony Amonte thinks that Charlie McAvoy is ready to be thrown into the fire for the Bruins.
Chris Fedor: Cavaliers don't take anyone in East seriously
Cavaliers broadcaster Chris Fedor tells our Boston Sports Tonight crew that he thinks the Cavaliers do not take anyone in the Eastern Conference seriously.
Drellich: Sale looks dominant and overpowering for Red Sox
Tom Giles and Evan Drellich talk about Chris Sale and the rest of the Red Sox pitchers.
Pick a Running Back: Marshawn Lynch or LeGarrette Blount.
Tom E. Curran, Michael Holley, Mike Giardi and Kayce Smith chose between LeGarrette Blount or Marshawn Lynch for the Patriots.
Are Bruins making the right call with Charlie McAvoy?
Joe Haggerty joins Michael Holley, Tom Giles and Kayce Smith to talk about Charlie McAvoy's entry level contract.
Curran: Celtics are playing better than Cavaliers right now
Tom E. Curran, Michael Holley, Tom Giles and Kayce Smith break down the Celtics win over the Nets.
Giardi: Patriots have made LeGarrette Blount an offer
Mike Giardi joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss the news that the New England Patriots have made LeGarrette Blount an offer.
Haggerty: Bruins in big trouble if Krug is out for a while
Joe Haggerty joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss the likelihood of Torey Krug being out for some time for the Bruins and who he would pick to replace Krug.
Are teams in the East afraid of the Celtics in the playoffs?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew dials up insiders for the Bulls, Bucks, and Pacers to see how other teams feel about facing the Celtics in the playoffs.
What are expectations for Rob Gronkowski this season?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates what realistic expectations should be for Rob Gronkowski this season.
Why did Farrell decide not to pitch Craig Kimbrel vs Tigers?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew discusses John Farrell's decision not to pitch Craig Kimbrel against the Tigers.
Is Brad Marchand to blame for Bruins loss to Senators?
DJ Bean joins our Boston Sports Tonight crew to debate whether it would be fair to blame Brad Marchand for the Bruins shootout loss to the Senators.
Haggerty: Have to bring up Charlie McAvoy if Krug is out
Joe Haggerty talks about Torey Krug leaving the arena on crutches and if the Bruins need to replace Krug, they should look towards Charlie McAvoy.
Highlights: Bruins lose to Senators in shootout
Highlights from the TD Garden as the Bruins earn one point but can't get the win as they lose to the Senators in a shootout.
DJ Bean: Marchand 'knows that he'll probably do it again'
DJ Bean explains why after hearing Brad Marchand's reaction to his suspension, he was not surprised at Marchand's tone and explains that is just how he is.
Does Holley deserve 2 show suspension for hit on Curran?
DJ Bean thinks that Michael Holley deserves a 2 show suspension for his low blow on Tom E. Curran.
Thomas: 'I trust Stevens in whatever decisions he makes'
After playing for the entire first quarter, Isaiah Thomas took a rest on the bench and watched the Cavs go on a 22-4 point run, while Brad Stevens didn't put him back in and the BST crew says he has every...
Drellich: 'Sale absolutely operating like an Ace'
Chris Sale looked like an ace in his first start with the Boston Red Sox, pitching for 7 scoreless innings. Evan Drellich joins the BST gang to discuss Sale's impressive first start.
Blakely: Cavaliers exposed Celtics in all their weaknesses
Chris Mannix and A. Sherrod Blakely break down the Celtics 114-91 loss to the Cavaliers, and they believe the Celtics need to step-up and play harder in order to win a playoff series.
What are the dumbest organizations in sports?
Tom E. Curran and Michael Holley give their opinion on what the dumbest organizations in sports are.
Orlando Magic accidentally reveal trade plans
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew discuss the Orlando Magic accidentally revealing their trade plans, which included a few Celtics players.
Who are the best and worst sports broadcasters?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debate who the best and worst sports broadcasters are.
Haggerty: Brad Marchand likely facing more than just a fine
Joe Haggerty thinks that Brad Marchand will likely face more than just a fine for his spear.
Marchand on possible suspension: 'I have to see the replay'
Brad Marchand discusses getting a game misconduct, and his impressions of the team getting a 4-0 win.
Kyle Draper: Celtics players know how big this game is
Kyle Draper says that although the Celtics may play off that their game against the Cavaliers is just another game, they do realize how big this game is.
Curran with hall of fame line regarding Marchand's spear
Tom E. Curran, DJ Bean and our Boston Sports Tonight crew discuss Brad Marchand receiving a game misconduct for spearing.
Highlights: Bruins 4 Lightning 0
Highlights from the Bruins 4-0 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning.
Haggerty: Is there a chance Marchand doesn't get suspended?
Joe Haggerty breaks down some of the positive signs that point to Brad Marchand getting away with no suspension for game misconduct for spearing.
Bruins clinch a playoff spot with win over Lightning
Joe Haggerty breaks down the Bruins 4-0 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning that secures a playoff spot.
Mayo breaks down Curran's performance on first BST show
Jerod Mayo breaks down Tom E. Curran's performance on the first Boston Sports Tonight show.
Will the Cavaliers rest their starters vs the Celtics?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew discusses the rumors that the Cavaliers may rest their starters against the Celtics, and whether that is a wise move by them.
Nose-Tradamus: Tom Brady will end career with another team
Tom E. Curran gives his predictions on the future including that Tom Brady will end his career with another team.
Evan Drellich: Questions still remain for Red Sox bullpen
Evan Drellich breaks down the Red Sox opening day win and analyzes how the Red Sox used their bullpen.
Holley: Cavaliers currently 3rd best team in the East
Michael Holley thinks that things have gotten so tough with the Cavaliers that they are currently the 3rd best team in the East.
Holley: Patriots cannot be happy about Gronk at Wrestlemania
Michael Holley thinks that even with getting their permission, the Patriots ultimately cannot be happy about Rob Gronkowski being at Wrestlemania
Merloni: Who are the most important Red Sox?
Lou Merloni ranks his top 5 most important Red Sox players and why he thinks they are so important.
Haggerty: Different mojo with Bruins
Joe Haggerty discusses the differences he sees in this Bruins team as opposed to last season.
Will Cavaliers struggles make them stronger for playoffs?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates whether the struggles of the Cavaliers will actually make them stronger for the playoffs.
Has Joe Kelly lost the 8th inning job for Red Sox?
Lou Merloni thought it was interesting the Heath Hembree got the nod in the 8th over Joe Kelly in the Sox opener.
Curran has a theory on why Peterson visited New England
Tom E. Curran explains his theory on why the Patriots had Adrian Peterson meet with the team on Boston Sports Tonight.
Boston Sports Tonight Rehearsal: Not just 'hot sports takez'
In their final rehearsal for Boston Sports Tonight, Tom Curran, Kayce Smith, Michael Holley, and Tom Giles discuss the format of the new show, which is not just 'hot sports takez.'
#WeLoveSports: Ditch the press pass
Michael Holley talks about media ditching the press pass once in a while. New CSN prime time premieres April 3rd.
Get to Know: Kayce Smith
Kayce Smith joins Tom Curran, Michael Holley and Tom Giles on Boston Sports Tonight, premiering April 3rd at 9pm.
Get to Know: Tom Giles
New CSN prime time debuts April 3rd, with Tom Giles joining Tom Curran, Michael Holley and Kayce Smith on Boston Sports Tonight weeknights at 9pm.