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Curran on Patriots: 'I do think that they can go undefeated'
Tom E. Curran explains why he could see the Patriots going undefeated this season.
BST crew guesses which Red Sox players applauded David Price
Michael Holley and Tom Giles give their picks on who they think applauded David Price for confronting Dennis Eckersley.
Will there be too much pressure on Rafael Devers?
Our BST crew debates whether there will be too much pressure put on Rafael Devers
Holley: Isaiah Thomas is a better player than Kyrie Irving
Michael Holley makes his argument on why he thinks Isaiah Thomas is a better basketball player than Kyrie Irving.
Don Banks: Time to start calling Patriots 'The Dream Team'
Don Banks struggles to find a weakness on the Patriots team, and thinks it ma be time to start referring to them as 'The Dream Team'
Blakely: Timberwolves most likely destination for Irving?
A. Sherrod Blakely explains why he thinks the Minnesota Timberwolves could be the most likely destination for Kyrie Irving.
Would it be a mistake for Patriots to cut Dion Lewis?
Tom E. Curran and Mike Giardi debate whether it would be a mistake for the Patriots to cut Dion Lewis.
Giardi & Holley: Who are the best QBs since 1978?
Mike Giardi and Michael Holley give their picks on who they think are the best quarterbacks since 1978.
Volmer & Welker weigh in on if Patriots can go 19-0
Sebastian Volmer and Wes Welker sit down with Tom E. Curran and give their opinion on whether this Patriots team is good enough to go 19-0
Drellich: Pomeranz has been more reliable than Porcello
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss Drew Pomeranz' performance against the Blue Jays, and whether Hanley's teammates should follow his lead.
Merloni: ‘Yankees got better, now it’s the Red Sox turn’
Lou Merloni reacts to the Yankees acquiring Todd Frazier from the White Sox.
Carrabis: Should Red Sox have tried harder to get Frazier?
Jared Carrabis on the latest on Todd Frazier going to the Yankees, and whether he would have liked to see the Red Sox make a bigger push.
Drellich: Perfect throw costs Red Sox in loss
Evan Drellich discusses whether Mookie Betts going through the stop sign at 3rd that ultimately costs the Red Sox vs the Blue Jays.
Merloni: Todd Frazier can only help so much for Red Sox
Lou Merloni would like to see the Red Sox get Todd Frazier, but only if the price is right.
Perry: '17 Pats as good a team on paper Belichick has had
Julian Edelman says it stupid to even discuss the Patriots going 19-0, and Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry weigh in on whether they agree with his comments.
Which athletes should have their numbers retired?
Phil Perry and Tom Giles explain what the standard should be for retiring a number. Eric Frede interrupts the conversation.
Drellich: Red Sox win was demoralizing for the Yankees
Evan Drellich explains how the Red Sox win over the Yankees could help the team find an identity.
Farrell: Red Sox were 'relentless until the final out'
Hear from Red Sox manager John Farrell after the Red Sox win over the Yankees.
Red Sox beat Yankees 5-4 with Andrew Benintendi walk off
Tom Giles, Phil Perry, Kayce Smith and John Tomase talk about the Red Sox securing a 'signature win' at a much needed moment.
Was Sandoval the worst personnel move in Boston sports?
Tom Giles, Phil Perry, Kayce Smith and John Tomase talk abot some of the worst personnel moves in Boston sports history.
Tomase: Can't count the Celtics out against the Cavaliers
John Tomase explains how the addition of Gordon Hayward brings the Celtics back in close competition with the Cavaliers
Who is to blame for Sandoval's contract?
Evan Drellich explains what went wrong with Pablo Sandoval.
Drellich: Feeling of the unknown lies at 3B for Red Sox
Evan Drellich explains why Pablo Sandoval's DFA was predictable.
Giles and Bean rank (cool) NBA cities
Tom Giles and DJ Bean rank NBA cities solely based on the cities themselves and not the rosters.
Which NBA teams are best destinations right now?
Excluding the Celtics and Warriors, Abby Chin and Kayce Smith discuss the best NBA destinations.
How would Calvin Johnson joining the Pats have played out?
Phil Perry, DJ Bean, and Abby Chin discuss Calvin Johnson's comments about retirement and what would have happened if he joined the Patriots.
Bradley: "I wasn't disappointed at all" when Pistons called
Tom Giles, DJ Bean, Kayce Smith and Abby Chin talk about what Avery Bradley did for the Celtics and what he'll bring to Detroit.
Perry: High injury risks in NFL make guaranteed money harder
Phil Perry talks to Tom Giles and Abby Chin about Richard Sherman's implication that NFL players would need to go on strike to get paid more.
Which Super Bowl halftime performance was the best?
Our BST crew debate who had the best Super Bowl halftime performance and who they would like to see as the next halftime performer.
Are the Bruins going too young with their roster
DJ Bean joins Boston Sports Tonight to weigh in on whether he thinks the Bruins are going too young with their roster.
Has Sandoval played his last game for the Red Sox?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew gives their answer on whether they beleive that Pablo Sandoval has played his last game for the Red Sox.
Is Chris Sale the x-factor for Red Sox in 2nd half?
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss whether he think Chris Sale is the X-factor for the Red Sox in the second half.
Can Patriots remain elite after Belichick & Brady leave?
Phil Perry joins Boston Sports Tonight to debate whether the Patriots can continue their success after Belichick and Brady leave.
Holley and Draper argue over Thomas getting max contract
Michael Holley and Kyle Draper get in an argument over whether Isaiah Thomas will get a max contract
Chris Forsberg: Why I would give Isaiah Thomas max contract
Chris Forsberg gives his reasons why he would give Isaiah Thomas a max deal.
Blakely on Thomas: 'I'm not convinced he's a max player'
A. Sherrod Blakely explains why he is not convinced that Isaiah Thomas is a max player following Thomas' comments about the Celtics bring the Brink's truck for him.
Isaiah Thomas:'I'm a max guy, so I deserve the max'
Isaiah Thomas talks about how well other stars in the NBA got paid, and says the Celtics know they have to bring the Brinks truck out for him.
Thomas thinks Hayward/Crowder problems are over
Isaiah Thomas tells A. Sherrod Blakely that the problems between Jae Crowder and Gordon Hayward will not be a problem now that they are teammates.
Isaiah Thomas: Latest news on hip injury/ getting Hayward
Isaiah Thomas talks with A. Sherrod Blakely with the latest with his hip injury.
Mannix: Bradley is most underrated player in basketball
Chris Mannix reacts to how much the loss of Avery Bradley will hurt the Celtics next season.
Blakely: Tatum & Nader shine so far in Summer League
A. Sherrod Blakely breaks down what he has seen in Jayson Tatum after 3 Summer League games.
Highlights: Jazz 68, Celtics 65
Highlights from the Celtics 68-65 Summer League loss to the Utah Jazz, and Brian Scalabrine breaks down what he has seen from Jayson Tatum.
Celtics shopping Crowder, Smart & Bradley to clear cap space
Out Boston Sports Tonight crew discuss the reports that the Celtics are still actively shopping Crowder, Smart and Bradley to clear cap space for Hayward.
Scalabrine: How do Celtics measure up with Cavaliers now?
Brian Scalabrine breaks down how the Celtics measure up with the Cavaliers now that they have Gordon Hayward.
Mannix thinks Celtics should inquire about JaVale McGee
Chris Mannix explains why it makes sense for the Celtics to look into JaVale McGee.
Blakely: Jayson Tatum impressive once again vs Spurs
A. Sherrod Blakely breaks down Jayson Tatum's 23 points and 10 rebounds against Spurs
Highlights: Spurs 81 Celtics 70
Highlights from the Celtics 81-70 loss to the Spurs in their second Summer League game.
Mannix: Marc Gasol 'fits the bill' for Celtics
Chris Mannix explains why he thinks Marc Gasol could possibly be the next big name available for the Celtics.
Mannix: Why a sign-and-trade make sense for Celtics
Chris Mannix explains why the sign-and-trade makes sense for the Celtics.
Chris Mannix: There are ways Boston can make Hayward better
Chris Mannix breaks down how he thinks this Boston Celtics team can make Gordon Hayward an even better player than he was in Utah.
Highlights: Celtics 89 76ers 88
Highlights from the Celtics 89-88 win over the 76ers, and A. Sherrod Blakely breaks down Jayson Tatum's debut.
Scalabrine:What each team is focusing on pitching to Hayward
Brian Scalabrine breaks down what he thinks each team is pitching to Gordon Hayward.
Shaughnessy to Price: 'You don't take on Dennis Eckersley'
Dan Shaughnessy reacts to the reports that David Price had a verbal altercation with Dennis Eckersley.
Blakely: If you don't get Gordon Hayward it's gonna get ugly
A. Sherrod Blakely and Kyle Draper discuss what will happen if the Celtics do not land Gordon Hayward.
Draper on not getting Paul George: 'I'm pissed off!'
Kyle Draper explains why he is not happy after seeing what the Thunder gave up to get Paul George.
How does George trade impact Celtics' pursuit of Hayward?
With Paul George going to the Thunder, A. Sherrod Blakely thinks that the odds may be in the Jazz favor to keep Gordon Hayward.
Blakely:Paul George to Thunder 'not a good look' for Celtics
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew reacts to Paul George being traded to the Thunder, and what that shows us about the Celtics offer for him.
How does Blake Griffin staying with Clippers impact Celtics?
A. Sherrod Blakely discusses the news that Blake Griffin is staying with the Clippers, and what this means for the Celtics.
Drellich: David Price improves to 3-2 on season
Evan Drellich breaks down David Price's performance in a 6-3 win over the Minnesota Twins.
Curran: Which AFC East team will challenge the Patriots?
Tom E. Curran gives his pick on which AFC East team will challenge the Patriots this season.
Carrabis on Dombrowski questioning Barstool’s credibility
Jared Carrabis calls into Boston Sports Tonight to react to Dave Dombrowski questioning Barstool Sports credibility.
Drellich: Not time to get worried about Rick Porcello
Evan Drellich explains why he is not ready to be concerned about Rick Porcello following a loss to the Twins.
Nate Burleson: Edelman is most under-appreciated WR
Tom E. Curran reacts to NFL Network's Nate Burleson saying that Julian Edelman is the 4th best receiver in the entire NFL.
What would be 'too much' for Celtics to give up for George?
Ian Thomsen gives his opinion on what he thinks would be too much for the Celtics to give up for Paul George.
Thomsen: Why Paul George is a surer bet than Gordon Hayward
Ian Thomsen explains why he thinks that Paul George be a surer thing than Gordon Hayward.
Are Celtics better than Cavaliers with Hayward and George?
A. Sherrod Blakely breaks down the tale of the tape when it comes to the Celtics vs the Cavaliers IF the Celtics get Hayward and George.
Which player will be the hardest to trade for Paul George?
Kevin O'Connor and A. Sherrod Blakley give their opinion on who they would hate to see go in a trade for Paul George.
Who will be the most surprising cut at Patriots camp?
Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry answer rapid fire Patriots questions including which player they think will be the surprising cut this year.
O'Connor: Celtics would benefit from deals taking longer
Kevin O'Connor says that the longer it takes the Celtics to get a deal done.
Did John Farrell take a jab at Hanley Ramirez?
Evan Drellich and Lou Merloni discuss John Farrell possibly taking a shot at Hanley Ramirez in his postgame press conference.
What would Chris Forsberg give up for Paul George?
Chris Forseberg sits down with our Boston Sports Tonight crew to discuss what he would be willing to give up for Paul George.
Will the Patriots look to extend Tom Brady?
Phil Perry joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss how likely it will be that the Patriots are looking to extend Tom Brady.
Thomsen: Teams don't rebuild around a 'Jimmy Butler' type
Ian Thomsen breaks down why the Celtics may not have tried to secure Jimmy Butler.
Drellich: This is a 'healthy Red Sox offense'
Evan Drellich checks in after the Red Sox win over the Angels to break down the growth of the team's offense.
Who are the best athletes in Boston sports history?
In honor of David Ortiz's retirement, Michael Holley and Eric Frede debate who they believe are the top five athletes to play in Boston.
Is 'renting' George for one season worth it for Celtics?
Ian Thomsen explains what Paul George's value could be to the Celtics roster.
Holley: Jayson Tatum had the 'least amount of dirt on him'
Michael Holley explains to Tom Giles and Kayce Smith why Jayson Tatum was the best pick for the Celtics.
Tim Welsh breaks down Celtics no. 37 pick Semi Ojeleye
Tim Welsh breaks down why he is fan on the Celtics no. 37 pick Semi Ojeleye.
Jay Williams: Jayson Tatum 'most gifted player in the draft'
Jay Williams praises what he sees in Jayson Tatum and said that Danny Ainge 'got a hell of a player'
Tim Welsh: Celtics should keep building around Isaiah Thomas
Tim Welsh thinks that building around Isaiah Thomas is the way to go for the Celtics.
Rich Gotham: 'We have the luxury to wait for a great deal'
Rich Gotham talks with Kyle Draper and A. Sherrod Blakely about the Celtics continuing to be patient.
Should Celtics have made bigger push for Jimmy Butler?
Michael Holley gives his opinion on whether the Celtics should have tried to give the Bulls a better deal than Minnesota did for Jimmy Butler.
Scalabrine: 'Not closing the door on Kevin Love coming here'
Brian Scalabrine explains why he thinks the talks about Paul George could ultimately bring Kevin Love to Boston.
Which Patriots addition has the biggest bust factor?
Tom E. Curran, Phil Perry, and Kayce Smith give their picks on which Patriots addition has the biggest bust factor.
Knicks reportedly shopping Porzingis to draft Josh Jackson
Tim Welsh reacts to Phil Jackson's comments regarding Kristaps Porzingis and whether he thinks they will trade him.
Mehta: Harris was ‘a Jets player who played the Patriot way’
Manish Mehta from the NY Daily News breaks down the player the Patriots are getting in LB David Harris.
Did Bruins make mistake by not protecting Colin Miller?
Joe Haggerty discusses the Bruins losing Colin Miller in the expansion draft, and whether he thinks the Bruins should have protected Colin Miller.
Tim Welsh: 'Jayson Tatum not ready to play major minutes'
Tim Welsh explains why he thinks that Jayson Tatum is not ready to join the Celtics and play major minutes.
A. Sherrod Blakely updated 2017 NBA mock draft
A. Sherrod Blakely gives his updates 2017 NBA mock draft.
Should the Celtics pursue acquiring DeAndre Jordan?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew discuss the reports that the Clippers are exploring trade offers for DeAndre Jordan, and what they would give up to get him.
Goodwill: Unlikely Butler would pick Boston over Cleveland
Vincent Goodwill thinks that by Jimmy Butler telling the Bulls he would rather stay than go to Cleveland, that means he most likely would feel the same way about the Celtics.
Ranking the all-time ballsiest Boston trades
Lou Merloni and Tom E. Curran rank the all time ballsiest Boston trades.
Could Cavaliers' parting ways with GM make LeBron leave?
A. Sherrod Blakely discusses LeBron James being disappointed and concerned about GM David Griffin leaving the Cavaliers.
Ian Thomsen: Could Gordon Hayward handle playing in Boston?
Ian Thomsen discusses Jeff Goodman's comments regarding worrying that Gordon Hayward will not be able to handle Boston, and whether he agrees.
Thomsen: Cavaliers GM leaving 'best news by far for Celtics'
Ian Thomsen thinks that the news that the Cavaliers are parting ways with GM David Griffin is better news than any picks the Celtics could have.
Blakely: 'I would have taken Fultz'
A. Sherrod Blakely says he would have taken Markelle Fultz, but he understands Danny Ainge's reasoning for making the trade.
Which Patriot player will improve the most this season?
Phil Perry joins our Boston Sports Tonight crew to debate who he thinks will improve the most this season for the Patriots.
Kevin O'Connor: Jayson Tatum is player I'd trade down for
Kevin O'Connor says he has questions about Jackson's jump shot, and if he was to trade down for a player it would be Jason Tatum.
Is Dombrowski pushing Farrell to play Pablo Sandoval more?
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss whether Dave Dombrowski may be pushing John Farrell to give Pablo Sandoval more playing time.
BST Debate: Who is the best athlete in Boston?
Lou Merloni and Tom E. Curran debate who the top 5 athletes in Boston are.
Rival GM says Danny Ainge will take Josh Jackson
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew discusses the report that a rival GM saying he is convinced the Celtics will draft Josh Jackson.
Maxwell: Warriors wouldn't have been champions in the '80s
Cedric Maxwell thinks that in the more physical NBA of the 1980s, the Golden State Warriors would only be a playoff team and not a champion.
Maxwell: Blake Griffin's injury history biggest concern
Cedric Maxwell discusses how he thinks Blake Griffin would fit in with the Celtics, and explains that his injury history is his biggest concern.
Drellich: What will Sox do if Brian Johnson misses time?
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss Brian Johnson leaving the game with shoulder discomfort and what the Red Sox will have to do if he misses significant time.
Are Patriots trying to show that Garoppolo is fragile?
Mike Felger has a conspiracy theory about why the Patriots are treating Jimmy Garoppolo differently and showing that he is not durable.
Holley & Draper rank top 5 teams in NBA history
Michael Holley and Kyle Draper give their top 5 best teams in NBA history.
Draper: LeBron James is not creator of the superteam
Kyle Draper and Tom E. Curran argue on whether or not LeBron James was the creator of a superteam in the NBA when he joined the Heat.
Carrabis: David Price inability to locate pitches a concern
Jared Carrabis explains why he is less concerned about ERA and more concerned with David Price's inability to locate pitches.
Did Gordon Hayward's wife hint about joining the Celtics?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew discusses Gordon Hayward's wife posting a picture with their daughter in a 'Go green' shirt, and debate whether it was actually a hint about him joining the Celtics.
Curran: Tanguay saying there is QB controversy is accurate
Tom E. Curran explains why he thinks that Gary Tanguay saying that there is a QB controversy for the Patriots is accurate.
Farrell says there's 'no accountability' with tweets
Evan Drellich joins Boston Sports Tonight to react to John Farrell saying 'When tweets are sent out by whomever, there's absolutely no accountability"
Would you do mock 3-way trade with 76ers and Kings?
A. Sherrod Blakely and Kyle Draper give their opinion on our most recent Celtics draft pick trade scenario, and whether they they would do it i they were the Celtics.
Carrabis: Price underestimated what Boston media market is
Jared Carrabis thinks that David Price underestimated what the Boston media market is.
Drellich: Price answered questions professionally after loss
Evan Drellich said there was no problems asking David Price questions following the Red Sox loss to the Yankees.
David Price on media incident: 'I stand behind it'
David Price says incidents with media was no factor in the loss to the Yankees, and had no comment on what happened.
Ortiz: 'David Price is one of the best teammates I ever had'
David Ortiz speaks out about David Price's incident with the media by saying 'the media sucks here' and explains that Price was one of the best teammates he has ever had.
Farrell: Price's incidents with media no factor in loss
John Farrell says he does not think David Price's incidences with the media the night before had any impact on his performance against the Yankees.
Sebastian Vollmer on how to earn Tom Brady's trust
Sebastian Vollmer talks with out Boston Sports Tonight about how teammates earn Tom Brady's trust.
Sebastian Vollmer explains Julian Edelman's crazy workouts
Sebastian Vollmer talks with our Boston Sports Tonight crew about how early Julian Edelman would show up to practice to get a workout in.
Jared Carrabis: David Price ‘not doing himself any favors’
Jared Carrabis says that David Price is not doing himself any favors by telling media he will no longer do personal interviews
Drellich on David Price: 'He was directly unhappy with me'
Evan Drellich reacts to David Price saying 'there are no more personal interviews' with the media.
Tom Brady bring high level of intensity to minicamp
Mike Giardi and Phil Perry report from Patriots minicamp to break down what they have seen out of Tom Brady so far.
What is your favorite Bill Belichick quote of all time?
Albert Breer and Tom E. Curran give their pick for what their favorite Bill Belichick quote of all time is.
Level of play biggest reason for Kaepernick unemployed
Albert Breer defends his opinion that level of play is the biggest reason Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed.
David Price says 'no more personal interviews' with media
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew reacts to David Price saying that he will no longer have personal interviews with the media.
Merloni: Using Kimbrel too much is becoming an issue
Lou Merloni thinks that although Craig Kimbrel has been electric as of late, the rest of the bullpen needs to step up so he is not used too much.
Bedard: If I'm Garoppolo I wouldn't sign an extension
Greg Bedard explains why if he was Jimmy Garoppolo he would not sign an extension with the Patriots.
Perry: Bridge deal for Garoppolo makes sense for both sides
Phil Perry thinks that the Patriots working out a bridge deal with Jimmy Garoppolo makes sense for both sides.
Draper: Fultz shows 'ultimate sign of confidence'
Kyle Draper thinks that Markelle Fultz only working out for the Boston Celtics is a great sign at how confident of a player he is.
Draper and Holley debate best duos in NBA history
During a debate about the best NBA duos, Michael Holley walks off the set after Kyle Draper making a comment about Michael Jordan.
Pedro says Ortiz is working out and in baseball shape
David Ortiz discusses what he thinks about the Red Sox start of the season, and out BST crew reacts to Pedro Martinez tweeting that Big Papi is working out, and is in baseball shape.
Carrabis: I admire Rodriguez attempting to pitch with injury
Jared Carrabis praises Eduardo Rodriguez for trying to play through his injury.
Is there a way to keep Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew reacts to Mike Reiss' article about the Patriots extending Jimmy Garoppolo now, could be a way to keep both Brady & Garoppolo.
Merloni: Red Sox lose a consistent pitcher with ERod on DL
Lou Merloni joins BST to talk about the significance of losing Eduardo Rodriguez from the Red Sox rotation.
Draper: Alleged wrongdoings don't stick to 'Teflon Brady'
The BST guys talk about the latest Tom Brady 'scandal' and why a Globe photographer wasn't allowed to a Best Buddies event.
Should the Celtics hit the 'reset' button on their roster?
Kyle Draper and Tom Giles discuss whether the Celtics may need to regroup in order to succeed next season.
Drellich: No indication that Eduardo Rodriguez was hurt
Evan Drellich reports on Eduardo Rodriguez falling in the bullpen, and whether that impacted his performance against the Orioles.
Phil Perry respects Porzingis getting shut down on Instagram
Phil Perry comes to Kristap Porzingis being shut down by a model on Instagram.
Which offseason addition on d-line will have biggest impact?
Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry give their pick on which player will have the biggest impact on the Patriots defensive line.
Take Your Pick: Who will win Patriots last WR spot?
Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry give their pick on who they think will win the Patriots last WR spot.
Take Your Pick: Who will be the Patriots leading rusher?
Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry give their pick on who they think will be the Patriots leading rusher.
Who would win a CSN Spelling Bee?
DJ Bean does his best to find out who would win a Spelling Bee between our CSN crew.
Merloni: Drew Pomeranz has finally become a 3 pitch pitcher
Lou Merloni joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss Drew Pomeranz having an impressive game against the White Sox, and why he thinks him getting his cutter back is the key.
Merloni: Red Sox 'have to be frustrated' with Hanley Ramirez
Lou Merloni thinks that the is no way that the Red Sox are not frustrated with Hanley Ramirez heading into June.
Merloni: Despite solid start, Price should not have pitched
Even though David Price had a decent start, Lou Merloni thinks that he shouldn't have pitched as early as he did.
Is Danny Ainge really considering trading the No. 1 pick?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew discusses Danny Ainge's comments regarding the #1 pick, and whether they are buying that he is really considering it.
How many NFL legacies have the Patriots ruined?
Tom Curran looks at the NFL dynasties that the Patriots have ruined by simply existing.
Is Twitter affecting David Price's on the field performance?
BST takes a look at David Price's "better than expected" start and how social media may be distracting him.
The reviews are in for Price's first start this season
The reviews are in for Price's first start and it was "better than expected."
Celtics will have to be prepared to address racism in Boston
Kyle Draper, Michael Holley, Kayce Smith and Tom Curran talk about how the conversation on racism in Boston could deter NBA free agents.
What's missing from the Tiger Woods arrest story?
The BST crew recaps Tiger Woods' Memorial Day arrest and try to figure out what's not being told.
Merloni: Are Red Sox better off with Marrero over Sandoval?
Lou Merloni thinks that the Red Sox may find out that they are better off with Devin Marrero over Pablo Sandoval.
Why wasn't Belichick questioned about potential concussions?
Phil Perry joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss how the media did not ask Bill Belichick about potential concussions.
Who regrets the signing more: Price or Red Sox?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates whether David Price or the Red Sox regret the signing more.
Giardi: 'Brady should give half of his ring to Garoppolo'
Mike Giardi thinks that Tom Brady should give half of his ring to Jimmy Garoppolo for lighting a candle under him and motivating him last season.
Holley: Sox wouldn't bring Price back if he wasn't ready
Michael Holley gives his reaciton to the news that David Price will start Monday vs the White Sox.
Judge Holley: Who’s guilty? Farrell or Dombrowski?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew pleads their case to Judge Holley to make his ruling on this weeks most debates sports topics.
Blakely: 'Celtics Pride' is the biggest key for Game 5
A. Sherrod Blakely says that the key to the Celtics winning Game 5 is bringing their Celtic pride.
Drellich: Price's sensitivity showing time and time again
Evan Drellich discusses David Price leaving his second rehab start without speaking with the media.
Should Patriots have restructured Butler like Gronkowski?
Tom E. Curran and our Boston Sports Tonight crew debate whether the Patriots could have restructured Malcolm Butler's contract like they did Rob Gronkowski's.
Curran breaks down how Gronkowski’s restructured deal works
Tom E. Curran breaks down Rob Gronkowski’s restructured deal with the Patriots, and why the Patriots made the move.
Has Cavaliers attitude changed after first playoff loss?
Cedric Maxwell and A. Sherrod Blakely discuss how the Cavaliers have dealt with losing their first game of the postseason.
Do the Red Sox have a respect issue in clubhouse?
Jared Carrabis joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss whether he thinks the Red Sox have a respect issue in their clubhouse.
Blakely: Key to Game 4 is how C's limit guys around LeBron
A. Sherrod Blakely discusses what changes he thinks Brad Stevens will make before Game 4.
Did last night's win change Isaiah Thomas' future?
A. Sherrod Blakely gives his take on whether the Celtics winning Game 3 without Isaiah Thomas changes his future.
David Price: First rehab start 'felt really good'
David Price discusses how he felt during his first rehab start.
Carrabis: Don't focus on the number from Price's rehab start
Jared Carrabis joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss David Price throwing 65 pitches in his first rehab start.
Don Yee denies Brady was diagnosed with concussion last year
Our CSN crew reacts to Don Yee denying that Tom Brady was diagnosed with a concussion last year.
O'Connor: 1980 Celtics had same situation as 2017 Celtics
Kevin O'Connor joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss how the 1980 Celtics team that had the #1 overall pick and were in the Eastern Conference Finals handle their situation.
O’Connor: Why Markelle Fultz earns No. 1 overall ranking
Kevin O’Connor joins Boston Sports Tonight to break down what aspects of Markelle Fultz game separates him from the rest of the field.
Merloni: I’m worried about Dombrowski trading too much
Lou Merloni explains why he is concerned about Dave Dombrowski trading too much and giving away the next round of Red Sox prospects.
What adjustments can Celtics make in Game 2?
Kyle Draper and Brian Scalabrine discuss the positive final quarter for the Celtics, if they can carry anything over from that, and adjustments they can make for Game 2.
Do Brady concussion rumors change Patriots plans at QB?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debate whether the news of Brady possible having multiple concussions will change the Patriots plans with Garoppolo.
Should Celtics build around Thomas or without him?
Our Boston Sports TOnight crew discusses whether the Celtics are better off building around Isaiah Thomas or without him.
Tim Welsh: Taking Fultz #1 may not be automatic for Celtics
Tim Welsh thinks the Celtics will lean towards taking Markelle Fultz, but also could see Ainge doing something people would not expect.
Steve Pagliuca admits he screamed when Celtics got #1 pick
Steve Pagliuca says he let out a scream when the Celtics got the #1 pick and was worried people outside the room heard him
Pagliuca shows off lottery balls that got Celtics #1 pick
Steve Pagliuca shows off the Celtics lottery balls that actually got the Celtics the #1 overall pick 3 different times.
Wyc Grousbeck:'We somehow got the pick, I can't believe it'
Wyc Grousbeck talks with Chris Mannix about what it was like to witness the Celtics get the #1 overall pick.
Holley: Danny Ainge has made 'Red Auerbach type of move'
Michael Holley reflects back on all the moves Danny Ainge has made for the Celtics and how they resemble moves just like Red Auerbach used to make.
Scalabrine and Draper preview Celtics vs. Cavaliers matchup
Brian Scalabrine and Kyle Draper give us an early preview of the Celtics matchup with the Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals.
Bradley: Olynyk & Smart's energy reason Celtics won Game 7
Avery Bradley says that the energy that came from Kelly Olynyk and Marcus Smart was the reason the Celtics won Game 7.
Are Gregg Popovich's comments about Zaza Pachulia justified?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates whether Gregg Popovich's comments about Zaza Pachulia were justified.
Kayce Smith on Brady being a 'system QB': 'He is the system'
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew debates whether the Patriots would have been able to win a Super Bowl without Tom Brady.
Stephon Gilmore 1-on-1: Getting to know the Patriots CB
Tom E. Curran talks with Stephon Gilmore to learn everything there is to know about the Patriots new cornerback.
David Ortiz critical of contract offers in new book
Michael Holley discusses talking with David Ortiz and getting his opinion on the way the Red Sox handled contracts when he was playing.
Are people in the media too hard on John Farrell?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew takes a look at how often people in the media criticize John Farrell, and whether or not they think he deserves to be treated so harshly.
Curran: Tom Brady is more durable than Jimmy Garoppolo
Tom E. Curran state his case on why he thinks Tom Brady is more reliable in his 40’s than Garoppolo is in his 20’s
Carrabis on why he tweeted Red Sox are 'pissing me off'
Jared Carrabis joins Boston Sports Tonight to discuss why he tweeted that 'This Red Sox team high key pissing me off'
Blakely: Celtics fans made their presence felt in game 5
A. Sherrod Blakely praises how much the Celtics crowd helped the team in their game 5 win.
Blakely: Wizards 'a different kind of animal' in Washington
A. Sherrod Blakely explains why he thinks the Celtics-Wizards series ultimately goes 7 games.
Bill Polian says Patriots are not as great as people think
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew reacts to Bill Polian’s comments saying that the Patriots are not as great as people think.
Carrabis: Red Sox could have got Thornburg and kept Shaw
Jared Carrabis joins Boston Sports Tonight to explain why he thinks the Red Sox could have ultimately kept Travis Shaw and also got Tyler Thornburg.
Why would Patriots make $1.1M tender offer to Blount?
Our Boston Sports Tonight crew reacts to the Patriots offering a $1.1M tender offer to Blount even though they have plenty of running backs.
Merloni: Drew Pomeranz velocity dropping is a 'huge issue'
Lou Merloni talks about Drew Pomeranz rough start against the Brewers and says that Pomeranz velocity consistently dropping is a huge concern.
Lombardi: Pats see beyond 2 options with Brady and Garoppolo
Mike Lombardi joins to discuss what could happen down the road with Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo and he says that the Patriots have more options than you may think.
Would you rather win series or get number 1 overall pick?
Our BST crew debate if only one option was possible, would you rather have the Celtics win the series vs. Wizards or get the number 1 overall pick.
Mannix: Didn’t have problem with Celtics talk about Allen
Chris Mannix joins BST to discuss why he didn't have a problem with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and other former Celtics discussing their sour relationship with Ray Allen.
Curran on what future holds for Brady and Garoppolo
Tom Curran discusses the future for Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo and when the quarterback situation could all come to a head for the Patriots.
Five Questions: Patriots 2017 Defensive Players
Phil Perry and Tom Curran ask and answer five questions about the Patriots defense for the upcoming season and look into Malcolm Butler, Stephon Gilmore, Malcom Brown, Trey Flowers and Dont'a Hightower.
Let's Make A Deal: Porzingis or Hayward to the Celtics?
The Boston Sports Tonight crew argue and debate on what they would give up in order for the Celtics to trade for Kristaps Porzingis, or Gordon Hayward, and max contract Isaiah Thomas or Kyle Lowry?