Allen's story not going anywhere


Allen's story not going anywhere

When I first heard the rumor that Ray Allen had asked the Celtics for a three-year, 27M contract, I laughed. Nothing too serious. It may have just been one loud: "Ha!" but it was definitely a laugh. I thought it was a joke.

How in the world could Allen (or his agent) call the Celtics and ask for three years27M with a straight face? No way. Couldn't happen.

But maybe it did.

"Let's put it this way," Wyc Grousbeck said last night on Felger & Mazz, "Ray named numbers . . . I believe he would have come back if we had paid him a salary that would have precluded us staying under the 74 million cap and basically signing other people that we needed. So it wasn't fitting into the program."

So, according to the Celtics, Allen only wanted to come back if the Celtics had given a contract that would have made the team worse? That's insane. And something tells me we haven't heard the last of the insanity from this story.

Don't you feel like this back and forth is definitely going to get worse before it gets better?

Just seems like both sides are still clearly upset about what happened, and that every time someone talks to the media whether it's Wyc, Doc or Danny; not to mention we haven't heard from KG, Paul, Rondo or Ray himself more information oozes out. People are pissed, and while we can't say that the gloves are off, they've definitely been loosened. Just in time for tomorrow, when Ray Allen is introduced as the newest member of the Miami Heat. That should ease the pain over in Waltham.

Radio shows might want to keep an extra line open, just in case someone special feels like venting.

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