Ainge looks to get Celtics bigger at deadline


Ainge looks to get Celtics bigger at deadline

LOS ANGELES Danny Ainge will continue to take and make calls leading up to Thursday's 3 p.m. NBA trading deadline.

And you can bet that acquiring a big man will be a major topic of discussion.

But don't look for the C's to do anything until Wednesday, at the earliest.

That's when Ainge should have a better idea of whether he'll have Chris Wilcox back.

"I'm still hopeful that he will return to us," Ainge, Boston's president of basketball operations, told "He feels good. He was playing well and contributing. He's hoping the tests come back and remains optimistic."

Wilcox has missed the C's last two games after tests involving his heart returned results that will require additional testing.

Ainge told that he plans to return to Boston on Tuesday and meet with the Celtics medical staff on Wednesday when he's hopeful that he'll receive additional medical information on Wilcox, and possibly Jermaine O'Neal as well.

O'Neal is out with a wrist injury, and is contemplating have surgery that would end his season, and potentially his NBA career.

He has not given the C's a timetable for when he'll make his decision, but the Celtics are hopeful that it will be before Thursday's trading deadline.

When asked about what their uncertain status meant to his approach to the trading deadline, Ainge said, "It has had an impact. We're going to need another body, depending on what I find out in the next couple of days."

Ainge added, "those answers on Wednesday will be important."

While Ainge has had conversations will several teams that have involved just about every member of the Celtics roster, he says no deal is imminent and doesn't necessarily feel any added motivation to move any of his players.

"I feel I have a pretty good grasp on how each of the guys is playing, and what our holes are," Ainge said. "There's a lot of good things going on. Our offense has been a lot better. We've been playing small ball, and we've been getting beat on the glass but our defense has remained good and our offense has gotten better. So we have to find different ways to win. We have to play to our strengths."

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