Scalabrine gets call at 12:01 as free agency begins

Brian Scalabrine is just trying to do the Celtics Free Agency Special when he receives a call “from L.A.”


Scalabrine: Do superstars want to play with Dwight Howard?

A Twitter poll run by @CSNCeltics has Howard far behind Al Horford on fans’ wish lists

Celtics' ace in the hole in pursuit of Durant: Brad Stevens

Kevin Durant has always seemed to be about basketball and that’s why I think he has man love for Brad Stevens.

Isaiah Thomas on Toucher & Rich

Isaiah Thomas on Dwight Howard

On Howard: 'Who wouldn't want a guy like that?'

Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas joins Johnston & Flynn (in for Toucher & Rich) to discuss Boston's potential interest in free agent Dwight Howard.

Isaiah Thomas on Toucher & Rich Kevin Durant

'Players are asking me about playing in Boston'

Isaiah Thomas joins Johnston & Flynn (in for Toucher & Rich) to discuss his recruitment of Kevin Durant and other NBA players increasing interest level in coming to Boston to play for the Celtics.

1986 Celtics


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unFiltered: The best of our worst


Looking imposing

A. Sherrod Blakely really is a nice guy, Abby Chin can’t find the right phrase, and more fun moments!

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Weather Forecast: Severe Storms Expected

Friday night: Showers and scattered thunderstorms, some strong to severe. Humid. Lows in the 50s north, 60s south. South wi...