33,000 days to Boston


33,000 days to Boston

By Justin Aucoin

For the first time since 1918 the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs will play against each other in Boston. Thats a whopping 93 years and 33,000 days ago.


Both teams will wear 1918 style uniforms. Something along these lines.

Unfortunately for both teams theyll be made out of the usual polyester and not wool which wouldve kept them 100x dryer in what has to be the longest rainy streak in Boston in recent memory.

Doubtful that many (if any) fans will also dress up 1918-style for the occasion.

After some tired searching the Sox PR department was able to dig up and old Cubbie player from the 1918 team to throw the opening pitch.

Great form for a guy who has to be well over 100.

Major events in 1918:

World War I ends.

The Spanish Flu becomes a pandemic, killing over 30 million people in a mere six months (nearly killing 2x as many people as WWI)

Half of Europe realigns itself countries declaring independence from their big brother countries like angsty teenagers.

And, of course, the Boston Red Sox defeat the Chicago Cubs in the World Series

Always fun when the teams wear the old unis. Should be a great game if the rain holds off.