When they hit, they don't pitch. When they pitch, they don't hit. And on Friday night, just to check all the boxes, they added poor fielding and sloppy baserunning.
The Wells-Goodell coverup of the NFL’s own Deflategate misconduct prove the shadiest dealings happened not in Foxboro, but on Park Avenue.
Rusney Castillo made his season debut for the Red Sox, going 1-for-4 but also dropping a routine fly ball in right field.
Robert Kraft is one of the greatest owners in sports, and he's turned the Patriots from a laughingstock into the gold...
Mike Trout is pretty good at this baseball thing.
Bad news for the reeling Marlins: starters Mat Latos and Henderson Alvarez both will take at least a couple of weeks of
Ichiro Suzuki may be close to the end of a brilliant career, but he's not done moving up baseball's all-time leaderboar